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you must be the change you want to see in the world - Mahatma Gandhi

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Naresh Gangaramani - Treasurer

Naresh Gangaramani

Naresh was born and raised in Hong Kong. His education in a local school has given him immense insight of Chinese culture and traditions. His strong Chinese language skill serves as a positive asset to any project he has assisted with!!

He is a team player and an approachable individual with excellent organization skills. His substantial experience in the trade industry has led him to understand the dynamics of the business world and he has accomplished his goals in a very short period of time.

On the other hand, Naresh’s excitement lies in the spiritual world, He has escalated the ladder of spirituality by giving and serving selflessly; his passion to serve others has become his first nature. What makes Naresh feel most proud of is not his successful business but the fact that he was one of the pioneers and founders of ‘Be the Change’ as a result of his drive to do all he can to help ethnic minorities in Hong Kong.

In addition, he is action oriented and a learner. He has enhanced his skills in ‘Body Talk’ which have been beneficial to the families at BTC. Naresh also plays a vital role in organizing outings and attends to every detail personally. He believes that social interaction builds children’s confidence and promotes their self-esteem. This social activity has brought great pleasure to the children and their parents at BTC.


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