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you must be the change you want to see in the world - Mahatma Gandhi

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Poonam Mehta - President

Poonam Mehta

To be an educationist one needs to understand the core meaning of Education.

"What sculpture is to a block of marble, education is to the soul."

Joseph Addison

Mrs. Mehta’s teaching passion began 44 years ago. Her journey has been very challenging yet very rewarding. In this journey she has raised 3 wonderful children, two boys and a girl. All of them are married and well settled. She is also blessed with three gorgeous grandchildren.

As a person, she has made a commitment that she will always love and respect every child. She gives them space to grow, dream and succeed and even sometimes to fail. She sets boundaries to assist them to feel secure. She subsequently helps them with emotions and problems which they may not be equipped to deal with.

Being an educator she also believes that the single most important contribution education can make to a child's progress is to help him towards a field where his or her aptitude best suit them, where he/she will be satisfied and proficient. Her motto is “Spend less time grading children and more time helping them recognize their natural competencies”.

Mrs. Mehta has travelled widely, conducted various educational workshops around the world and is author of many children’s books. She resigned from her position as Principal of a well establish educational organization in Hong Kong to dedicate her time towards a worthy cause. At this stage of her life she has decided to help under privileged children in Hong Kong and in India. She is one of the trustees of ‘Dreamz Home’ an orphanage and shelter for street children. In addition, she is the core member of the ‘Sage Foundation’.

Here in Hong Kong she hopes to transform ‘BE THE CHANGE’ from a teeny weenie caterpillar into a beautiful butterfly. As she says very humbly, she believes that working on a mission such as BE THE CHANGE is an entirely selfless act. If we separate our own ego and emotions from the problem that needs to be tackled, we will certainly grow and thrive and become a pillar in our community for years to come.

She hopes to leave behind a legacy of lifelong learning which will leave an impact and make a difference in every child’s life and their families; helping them to live with dignity and integrity eventually supporting them to become self sufficient and live a life with cause.

At the desk where she sits, she has learned one great truth.

‘The answer to all our dreams is God’s Grace and His Guidance’


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