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Be the Change

you must be the change you want to see in the world - Mahatma Gandhi

Poonam Mehta - President

Poonam Mehta

Mrs. Mehta has been in the field of education for over four decades. Recently she received her Master’s degree in Guidance and Counselling. As an educator and a counsellor she believes that all people are equal and that with compassion and guidance we can tap their potential and make them feel valued. Now that she is involved in “BE THE CHANGE” She finds this journey more challenging yet very rewarding. [read more]...

Naresh Gangaramani - Treasurer

Naresh Gangaramani

Naresh, although a successful businessman, finds pleasure in giving and serving selflessly. His passion to help ethnic minorities in Hong Kong has led to the establishment of “BE THE CHANGE”. He takes a spiritual approach to help members of the community. In addition, he believes every human should have compassion to help and guide the less fortunate to live a fulfilling life and he has keenly dedicated himself towards this worthy cause. [read more]...

And our lovely team of teachers and volunteers!

Teachers and Helpers



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