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you must be the change you want to see in the world - Mahatma Gandhi

Karina Vachani

Karina Vachani

I cannot believe it has nearly been a whole year since I first volunteered at Be the Change last year… Time really flies! I would like to thank Be the Change for giving me the opportunity to experience something that has now turned into a passion of mine. I find myself constantly referring back to things I learned in just that short time I began teaching with Be the Change. I personally have learned so much about not only myself, but also the world that we live in today. I have come to realize that educating students and communities, or 'teaching them how to fish' rather than simply handing the fish to them is a concept that spreads even to the advisors, volunteers, and educators amongst us.

On return after a summer at Be the Change, I found myself choosing subjects, despite their difficulty, focused on humanitarian politics and developmental economics. Such subjects are inclined towards the study of 'aid' and the ethics of economics with respect to the underprivileged. In lectures, I often contribute with comments of my experiences at Be the Change and how it differs from common philanthropy we see around us. I even wrote an article in the LSE newspaper about my strong support in favor of the work that the organization and its members have taken on, in contrast to large-scale multilateral aid groups. Through expanding the awareness of the children, I feel that I have been allowed to grow as a person, becoming more aware of my own individual methods of 'fishing' for what I would like to achieve in life. Each one of us is different, and I idolize the way Be the Change motivates each one of us to discover this individuality with confidence, yet at the same time, brings us all together with love as the big family that we are.


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